Despina’s Story

My name is Despo Georgiou and as the owner of Despina’s Café, ever since I can remember, cooking and baking has been a passion of mine. My mother was a great cook. I learned from watching her as a little girl and thinking I wanted to bring through food the same joy my mother provided to me and my family through her delightful food and desserts. With her arsenal of recipes by my side and my love and desire for baking, I found myself in the kitchen every spare second I had trying to replicate and improve her already near perfect baking techniques.

“The same joy I get out of cooking and baking is the joy I want to see on the faces of my customers who experience it.”

After graduation from high school in my hometown of Cyprus I decided to adventure out into the world and choose England as my destination to complete my studies. This was a very exciting time of my life and greatly broadened my culinary skills. I met my husband there, got married, and had three children.

Living in England for 10 years, I absorbed the culture and discovered different recipes for desserts and pastries. I enjoyed and became a master of taking a set of instructions for a recipe, adding my own twist to it which would make the recipe more unique, and also improve the flavors and presentation.

I started my own catering business in 2010 working from home and when the orders started coming in more and more I decided that it was time for me to open the café/bakery. It has always been a dream of mine to own my own bakery with the sole purpose of bringing joy through food to the masses. After spending years cooking and baking for my family this dream is finally coming true. All the pastries and desserts that are made in Despina’s café are based on traditional family recipes from years in England and Europe. Everything is made on the premises from scratch and with only the best ingredients. My goal is to offer food that not only tastes delicious, but is also unique. The same joy I get out of cooking and baking is the joy I want to see on the faces of my customers who experience it.

At Despina’s Cafe, we pride ourselves in offering quality home made foods, which are prepared and made from scratch on site.