Why Baking Is Good for You

Whipping up a storm in the kitchen is more than just chopping, churning, and cooking on the gas stove. There’s baking too. It’s one of the best methods of preparing and churning out a variety of gastronomic delights that appeal to the eyes, the nose, and the tongue. If you have ever baked before, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Some say baking needs more imagination and precision than other methods of cooking. One wrong element and your entire recipe can go for a toss. While that may be true, it is also true that it is the most fun way of preparing food. When you consider the results, it can make you salivate in an instant.

How many times have you heard people quip that baking is not for everybody? Well, I have always believed that anybody can bake. Obviously practice makes perfect, so you have to keep on trying new things and find what works best with your oven.

And once you achieve perfection, you can bask in the glory of the appreciation you receive, and feel an immediate rise in your confidence levels. That can’t be bad!

Here are a few more reasons baking is good for you.

Think of It as a Form of Meditation

Baking can be a very calming activity. It can soothe ruffled nerves because it takes up all your attention and makes you focus on one thing. In that sense, it is meditative. You may want to try your hand at baking if you’re looking for a way to relax/unwind after a grueling day.

There’s definitely something about the aroma of a freshly-baked batch of cookies, bread, or cupcakes, which puts your mind at ease. Whether it is measuring the ingredients perfectly, or eating some cookie dough on the sly, baking can take you on a culinary escapade that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and longing for more.

It Lets You Eat Healthy

We’re always told to eat healthy to live a long and fit life. While this thought has been ingrained in us since forever, we still find ourselves lusting over those French fries, onion rings and other sinful and unhealthy foodstuff. Baking provides an easier way out.

Instead of frying potato chips, you can bake them to make them healthy. You won’t even need to use oil or cooking spray (or use it to a minimum), and yet you will be able to relish them. The food will not lose out on the nourishment, plus you will be protected from the harmful side-effects of eating grease-laden junk food.

It Stirs Your Senses

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Good baking requires that you use all your senses when doing it. Think about it, what is the point of baking a cake that only looks visually appealing but tastes burnt? Would you like to eat lasagna that smells divine, but has lost its softness and gooey-ness? No.

Baking allows your senses to work in unison. When you touch, feel, see, smell, and taste the product in the making, as well as the finished one, you’re actually allowing your senses to ruminate over your creation, thereby becoming totally involved in it.

It’s the Perfect Excuse to Get Creative

With baking, you’re sure to find an outlet to unleash your creative streak. There have been an ample number of studies that indicate a direct link between creative self-expression and overall happiness and wellbeing.

By being creative, you let your emotions flow freely in one direction in a productive way, thereby adding a new skill to your repertoire.

So get into your kitchen, put your chef’s hat on, and experiment all you want with delicious cakes, and try your hand at making one of those fondants that look so appealing.

It Strengthens Bonds

This one’s a win-win for all. Not only do you learn a new skill, and use it to impress all those you love, but they also get to indulge their taste buds.

Anything that you do which makes your loved ones happy is bound to strengthen your bond with them. Your experiments with the oven are one such thing that can help you bond with your family and strengthen friendships.

You know how much they would love to get together with you over a plate of freshly-baked muffins! So what are you waiting for? Call them over, cook up a wonderful dish, put those oven mitts to good use, and watch their faces light up with delight as they dig into your mouthwatering creations.

It Boosts Your Morale

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Doing something new, especially if you had thought you’d never really get down to doing it, works as a great morale-booster. Achieving such feats makes you feel like there’s nothing you cannot do, which encourages you to think beyond your so-called limitations and push yourself into unconquered territory. Apart from that, your mind opens up to new things, and grows. Taking up new challenges also keeps you mentally stimulated.


Baking can be as enjoyable as you want it to be. You don’t really need anyone telling you how rewarding and enjoyable an activity it is. The above points should work well in motivating you to concoct something that helps you spread the goodness that you experience when baking it.

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